how to make a 210v 2 5kw free energy generator from dc motor and homemade alternator

how to make a 210v 2 5kw free energy generator from dc motor and homemade alternator

If you want to make a 210v 2-5kW free-energy generator, you need two DC motors connected in series. A battery should be able to produce the voltage required for the motors. Then, you can connect the motors in parallel or in series for your main source of electricity. The output voltage of each of these motors should be around 230 volts.

the power coming from three-DC batteries powered the generator. This is equal to the wattage on three phases. For example, if you’re running the generator on three separate phases, you need to divide the output by three. Then, you’ll get the output power. The power from each phase should be at least 50 volts.

There are two ways  to calculate the electric motor’s wattage. If you have a delta or star-connected phase, you will need to divide the total wattage by three. For three-phase connection, you should use the same formula. For delta or star-connected phases, you’ll need to divide the output wattage by three. The answer will be 50 volts.

A DC motor is the key to creating your own free-energy generator. A DC motor is a high-power source for making electricity. It produces energy with low voltage, making it a cost-effective and versatile alternative to fossil-fuel-fired power generation. In a dwindling power grid It can be used as a backup power source.

the current and the voltage had determined the power of a 210v 2 5kw Free Energy Generator . the voltage is divided by the current and The voltage and the current are equal to each other. You can divide the voltage and current by three and calculate the total power of your system. If you have a three-phased DC motor, the electricity it produces will be about 25W.

A 210V 2 5kw Free Energy Generator is a DIY project that uses a DC motor to generate electricity.   DC batteries had powered this device and is completely independent of a grid. It is a portable source of energy for any home. In remote areas of the world It can also be used  .  The power generated by this DIY solar energy generator using a digital meter.

If you’re looking for a free-energy generator, it is crucial to use an electric motor with a DC motor. This will ensure the most efficient performance of the solar panels. If you don’t want to use solar energy, you can also build a wind turbine for a 240V system. A homemade DC electric motor and a deep well controller /starter had powered this electric motor.

You will need to determine the power requirements of your system. Usually, a solar energy generator requires a minimum of 210V to provide enough power. We have to choose a DC motor with save wattage and voltage  as the system to be powered. In addition, you will need to consider the size of your solar panel.

To make a 210V 2 5kw free-energy generator from a DC motor and a homemade dc controller, you need to know the voltage of the current you want to use. You will need two DC batteries to power the solar cells, and a three-phase dc controller to control the voltage. Moreover, you will need to have an insulated and weatherproof enclosure for your free-energy generator.

Another important point to consider is the voltage of the AC supply. The two dots are 110 volts or neutral, and the second shot is 180 degrees out of phase. If you want to build a 220v free-energy generator, you need a DC to DC motor with an inverter. The output of the converter must be a higher voltage than the AC. Then, you need to connect the power supply to the DC inverter.

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