Setting range
Factory setting
Bias (terminal 14)
The command value of each function when 0 v (4 ma)is input , the unit is %
-100~ +100
Note : as the adjustment constant of analog input it is classified into 3 types gain deviation ( to be set individually for each input) delay time. The gain and deviation of each analog input ( terminal 13,14,16 ) can be adjusted individually  gain : please set the frequency value when  10 volt (20 ma)
Is input   the unit % with   E 1-04   the maximum output frequency , taken as 100 % .
Bias : please set the frequency value when 0 v (4 ma) is input  the unit is % with  E1-04 the maximum output frequency taken as 100 % .
Constant h3-02 , h3-03 , h3-11 , h3-06 , h3-07 , are used to et the gain and deviation of frequency command ( voltage ) terminal  13 , 14 , 16 , h3-06 , h3-07 , is effective only when multi function analog input is selected when the command frequency is selected this gain and deviation will be disregarded and the set gain and deviation of terminal 13 will work .
                             Frequency command
                                 O volt              10 volt
                                   (4 ma)           (20 ma)
                       ()it is the value when current command is input .
                           Max output frequency  x bias +100
                           Max output frequency  x gain +100
                                     GAIN AND BIAS
Analog input filter time constant
To set the primary delay time of 3 analog output ( terminal  13,14 ,16 t)in unit of seconds .
The primary delay time constant can be set in the 3 analog  input ( frequency command )
It is effecting when analog input signal ,s fluctuation is over excited and the noise is overplayed to the signal .
The setting is too big the responsiveness will be reduced .
Monitor selection (terminal 21)
Please set the code of the output monitoring items in multi functional analog output 1 (terminal 21) at the blank part  “u1 ~ 00”
Note : in multi functional analog output the inverter,s monitoring content can be output  please set the value in the blank of  “u1~00” .
The setting range is between  “1~38 “ but  “4,10,11,12,13,14,25,28,34,35,”cannot be set and 29-30 is not used .




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