set the upper limit and lower limit in K Hz units . the carrier frequency gain is set as follows . frequency is fixed  parameters at electric inverter  c 6-0 1
c 6-0 1>10.0 k=3
10.0>c 6-0 1>5.0:k=2
5.0>c 6-0 1:k=1

NOTE: in vector control , the carrier frequency is set by constant c 6-0 1




the carrier frequency characteristics differ according to the  control  method . v/f control and v/f with pg feedback control, carrier frequency variable setting possible . open ,loop vector control and flux vector control , constant frequency (the carrier frequency upper limit only is set.). the carrier frequency dose not normally need to be adjust except that following situation .

please reduce the carrier frequency when the wiring distance is long between inverter and motor . in the occasion with low speed and torque vibration is big . please reduce the carrier frequency . the setting range of c6-01 varies as follows in the different control mode , v/f control (with / without pg), 0.4~15. vector control (with /without ) , 2.0~15.0.

the factory setting varies according to the inverter,s capacity . in the vector control modes , the carrier frequency is determined by the carrier frequency upper limit (constant c 6-0 1), in the v/f control modes (both with and without pg), the carrier frequency can be changed in response to the output frequency by setting the carrier frequency lower limit (constant c 6- 0 2) and the carrier frequency proportional gain (constant c 6-0 3).

to make the carrier frequency constant, either set the same value for constant c 6-0 1 and c 6-0 2 or set the carrier frequency proportional gain (constant c 6-0 3) to ,0, (i,e,,fix at upper limit value). the following setting will generate a constant setting fault (ope 11) . carrier frequency upper limit (c 6-0 1)>5.0 K Hz and carrier frequency lower limit (c 6-0 2)<5.0 K Hz . carrier frequency proportional gain  (c 6-0 3)<6 and  (c 6-0 1)< c 6-0 2).if the lower limit is set higher than the upper limit will be disregarded and carrier frequency will be fixed at the upper limit …

1.5 kw ~7.5 kw,the carrier frequency shall be set to be 5.0 Hz, i,e,c 6-0 1=c 6-0 2=5.0 K Hz .
11 kw~110 kw, the carrier frequency shall be set to be 3.0 K Hz,i,e , c 6-0 1=c 6-0 2=0 K Hz.
132 kw or above , the carrier frequency shall be set to be below 2.01 K Hz.  c 6-0 1= c 6-0 2<2.0 K Hz.


the upper limit of compensation frequency of speed control . it is in unit of% with maximum frequency taken as 100%.


since c 5-0 5 can,t be changed during operation stop the inverter,s operation and then decrease the asr limit by 0.5(%). perform step 3 again after the setting has been changed.the asr limit is the frequency limit for compensation by the maximum output frequency if the frequency limit is lowered too much the motor speed might not reach the target speed. verify that the target speed is reached during normal operation.


it is the delay time when the torque is output from speed control circuit . it is in unit of second.


no need to changed morally .constant c 5-0 6 can be used when adjusting the gain dose not remove motor oscillation , or adjusting the gain removes oscillation but result in poor responsiveness. a high c 5-0 6 setting lowers the responsiveness of the speed control , but makes it difficult for oscillation to occur.


sets the frequency for switching between proportional gain 1,2 and integral time 1,2  in H z units

it is used to set the switching frequency of asr proportional gain / integral time.


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