how to make a 12 volt battery at home

hy everyone we had made the lithium cell battery at home that’s the easy way to create a battery and this battery is in very cheap price. in this battery I had used 3.7v cell. this battery lives longer than an ordinary battery. I had used 4 cells just only for a experiment and now it is passed so you can use it if you want to increase ampere you have to increase the cell. the battery I had made is of three ampere. this is cheapest battery because the price of a single cell is very cheaper and also it is very easy to create at home. i had created the cell box with the wood to give it an unique look. unfortunately if the electricity suddenly vanishes then you can use it for operating the Led bulb or an lamp.

Precautions; When you have to connect the cell with soldering Iron you have to disconnect the soldering iron from electricity first otherwise the battery will be blasted.

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