exception analysis

when the inverter is at fault, the operator will have the exception display and output the
action of fault contact. at the same time, the inverter’s output will be cut and the motor
will coast to stop.(the stop method will decide by the set stop method if the spot method
has been selected.) when fault reset is necessary, press the reset key of operator the
inverter is in operator control; if the inverter is under external control, please achieve
fault reset by external h1-01~06(setting:14). the main circuit power supply can be cut and
it can be powered on again after the operation,s display disappears.please find the corresponding
table for the exeption content and disposal. if the disposal can not abosove the problem please
turn to the supplier or the manufacturer directly.

display fu/oc.

over current: the inverter,s output current exceeds the vurrent detected value ( around 200% f of the
rated current ).
short circuit occurs at the output side of the inverter grounding (caused by that the motor is burned
the insulation is deteriorated or the cable is damaged ).loa is too big and acceration time is too short.
special motor is used or the motor has a bigger power than rated. inverter,s output side is well connected.
check the reason and implement the right disposal and reset.
the grouding current of inverter output side exceeds 50% of the inverter,s rated output current.
grouding short circuit at output side of inverter ( the grouding caused by that the motor is burned,insulation
is deteriored cable is damaged).check the reason implement the right solution and reset.

display puf.

fuse melting: the fuse on the main circuit is melted.the output module is damaged due to the
short circuit and grounding of the inverter,s output side.rapair or change the inverter .

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