inverter,s display system.

display va:oc,vc:sc.
load short circuit ,inverter,s output and load has be short circuited.grounding and short circuit occurs(cuased by that the motor is burned,insulation is
deteriorated,cable is damaged). check the reason, and implement the corresponding disposal and reset.

display ov.
overvoltage of main circuit main circuit dc voltage exceeds detected voltage value 200 volt level, about 400 volt ,400 volt level, about 800 volt, 600 volt
level, about 1300 volt. deceleration time is too short, motor,s regenerated energy is too big. the voltage of the power supply is too high. extend the
deceleration time connect a braking resistor or braking unit. check the power supply voltage.

display uv1.
low voltage of main circuit main circuit,s dc voltage is less than the low voltage detection level (12-05 )200 volt level, about 190 volt.400 volt level,
about 380 volt .phase fault occurs on input power supply. instantaneous power cut occurs input power supply,s connecting terminal is getting loose.input
power supply,s voltage fiuctuation is too big.check thereason implement the corresponding disposal and reset.

display uv2.
abnormal control power supply control power supply,s voltage is too low.power on the inverter agan.check the control power supply.

display uv3.
anti surge circuit fault the circuit acts abnormally when surge occurs. power on the inverter again and try it. please replace the inverter when consistent
fault occurs.

display pf.
main circuit voltage exceptions main circuit dc voltage is in a status which is not regenerationstatus abnormal vibration. (when 18-05 is enabled, it will
be detected). instant power cut occurs. pleae fault of input power supply .the wiring terminal of input power supply is loose. voltage fiuctuation of input
power supply is too big.the balance of the phase voltage is too bad. check the reason and carry on the right disposal and reset.

display lf.
output phase fault. phase fault at the output side of the inverter.mal connection of output cable.disconnection of motor,s coil.output terminal is loose.
the used motor,s power is below 1/20 of the power of the motor with max power applicable to the motor. check the reson implement the right disposal and
reset reslect the inverter,s capacity or motor,s capacity.

display va,ol1.
heat sink overheating. the temperature of the inverter,s heat sink exceeds the value ofi8-02, or above 105 degrees. the ambient temperature is too high.
there is ambient heating source. the inverter,s cooling fan stops work. please install cooling device please insolate the heating source.

display vc,oh(oh1).
inverter,s interior cooling fan stops.inverter,s interior cooling fan is at fault. change the cooling fan.

display rh.
overheating of baking resistor the protection function set by 18-01 has already acted.the deceleration time is too short motor,s regenerating energy is too
big. reduce the load prong the deceleration time. reduce the speed. replace the braking resistor or unit.

display rr.
built in braking circuit is at fault.power on the inverter again and try. when exception happends consecutively, please replace the inverter.

display ol1.
overload of motor the electron thermal protection device caused the actions of motor,s overload protection.load is too big acceleration/deceleration time
and period is too short. modify the load acceleration/deceleration time and period.v/f characteristics voltage is too high.modify the v/f characteristics.
the setting of motor,s rated current is set improperly.please check the motor,s rated current.



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