inverter speed value .

Enable /disable integral value during ace/decal , 0: disable (the integral function is not used while accelerating or decelerating : it is used at constant speed). 1: enabled (the integral function is used at all times),
note: when v/f control with pg feedback is used integral control during acceleration and deceleration can be enabled or disabled with f 1-0 7, set f i-0 7 to 1 , (integral control enabled) if you want to keep the motor speed as close to the frequency reference as possible during acceleration and deceleration . set f 1-0 7 to  0,(integral control disabled) if you want to prevent the occurrence of overshooting / undershooting .


To set the detection method of over speed ( os) .
note: when frequency exceeds the value set in f1-08 (set in unit of 1%with the maximum output frequency taken as 100 %) and it lasts more than f1-09 (diction time seconds) the over speed will be detected.
detection method for over speed deviation .
note: constant fi-10 sets the pg speed deviation detection level as a percentage of the maximum output frequency . constant f1-11  sets the length of time in seconds that the difference between the motor speed and reference speed must exceed the pg speed deviation detection level in order to detect a pg speed deviation.

To set  the pg rotation direction . 0:phase a leads with forward run  command  (please b leads with reverse run command ) 1: phase b leads with forward run command .(phase a leads with reverse run command ).
note : this constant is used to coordinate the pg ,s rotation direction with the motor,s rotation direction generally direction (looking from the input axis ). when a forward reference is output the motor rotation in the counterclockwise direction ( looking from the input axis ).when the motor is in forward rotation please set pg ,s output is phase a leas or phase b leads.

Sets the division ratio for the pg speed control card pulse output .
note : this constant is only effective when a pg-b2 is used it sets the division ratio used when the pulse monitor output is connected to a pulse input device . the first digit in the setting (0 or 1) is n and the second two digits ( 01 to 32 ) are m . the division ratio is calculated from n and m with the following equation , division ratio = (1+n )/m setting range n:0, 1m :1 to 32. possible division rate settings are as follows :1/32<f1 -06 <1. for example , if the division rate is :1/2 (a setting of ,2, ),the monitor output will be falf of the number of pulse output from the pg .



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