A Variable Frequency Drive two is a kind of motor controller that drives an electric powered motor by way of varying the frequency and voltage furnished to the electric powered motor. Other names for a variable frequency drive basics are variable pace drive, adjustable pace drive, adjustable frequency drive, AC drive, micro drive, and inverter.
Frequency or hz is immediately related to the motor’s pace hz. In different words, the faster the frequency, the quicker the hz go. If an utility does no longer require an electric motor to run at full speed, the variable frequency pressure basics can be used to ramp down the frequency and voltage to meet the necessities of the electric motor’s load. As the application’s motor
speed requirements change, the variable frequency power basics can simply flip up or down the motor velocity to meet the velocity requirement
The first stage of a Variable Frequency AC Drive is the Converter. The converter is comprised of six diodes, which are comparable to take a look at valves used in plumbing systems. They enable current to float in solely one direction; the direction shown by way of the arrow in the diode symbol. For example, each time A-phase voltage (voltage is similar to stress in plumbing systems) is extra effective than B or C section voltages, then that diode will open and permit current to flow. When B-phase turns into greater tremendous than A-phase, then the B-phase diode will open and the A-phase diode will close. The same is real for the 3 diodes on the negative side of the bus. Thus, we get six modern “pulses” as each diode opens and closes. This is called a “six-pulse variable frequency power basics, which is the preferred configuration for cutting-edge Variable Frequency Drives
We can get rid of the AC ripple on the DC bus with the aid of adding a capacitor. A capacitor operates in a comparable trend to a reservoir or accumulator in a plumbing system. This capacitor absorbs the ac ripple and gives you a easy dc voltage. The AC ripple on the DC bus is commonly much less than three Volts. Thus, the voltage on the DC bus turns into “approximately” 720 VDC. The genuine voltage will depend on the voltage stage of the AC line feeding the drive, the stage of voltage unbalance on the energy system, the motor load, the impedance of the electricity system, and any reactors or harmonic filters on the drive.


The diode bridge converter that converts AC-to-DC, is every now and then simply referred to as a converter. The converter that converts the dc again to ac is additionally a converter, but to distinguish it from the diode converter, it is commonly referred to as an “inverter”. It has turn out to be common in the industry to refer to any DC-to-AC converter as an inverter.
when the inverter is started please set the object want to display 1:variable frequency force fundamentals 2: variable frequency drive fundamentals command. 3: output modern-day 4:the displayed item set by means of 01 _ o1. when inverter is started, the display the variable frequency force basics command in the records exhibiting section (when manufacturing facility setting is available) when the
inverter is started out , the displayed items can be chosen from frequency command ,output variable frequency force basics output present day or the objects set in 01 _o1. in the occasion the place the items barring frequency need to be displayed ,please alternate the placing of this constant.
frequency gadgets of refrence putting and monitor
to set the variable frequency power fundamentals command and monitoring the unit is 0:0. 01 hz 1: o.02% ( the max. output variable frequency drive fundamentals is 100% ) 4~39 : r /min ( to set the variety of poles of motor.) 40~ 39999: person preferred show word : setting vary is 40~39999. set the favored values for putting and show for the max output variable frequency pressure basics . for example, to set the fee in accordance to the motion pace (mm/sum /min,etc)
frequency devices of regular setting
this regular can be used to set the setting unit of frequency family members constant ( e1_04,06,09s’ putting unit) 0:hz unit 1:r/min unit note: to exchange the putting unit of e1-04,e1-06,e1-09 the frequency unit shall not be changed without this. 01-04 the committed feature of vector control with pg.
constant no. display selection
to pick the illustration of keyboard’s constant no. 0:it usually characterize (a1-00 etc.) 1:the register tackle of memobus communication.
local/remote key enable/disable
o set the feature of operation method decision key (local/remote) 0: disabled 1:enabled.(pressing the local/remote key switches control of operation between the operator and the sources targeted in constants b1-01 and b1-02.))it is used to set the characteristic of top key note:to disable or enable the local/remote key of digital operator.
stop key throughout manage circuit terminal operation
to enable or disable the stop key on keyboard. 0:disabled (the operation command given by means of exterior terminal,stop key is disabled) 1: effective(stop key is high-quality at some stage in operation)


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