donot change this constant setting note : the setting range and factory setting
depend on the inverter capacity

frequency reference setting method selection of power inverter.

this constant determines wether it is necessary to press the enter key when changing
the frequency reference with the digital operator’s frequency reference monitor
0: data / enter key input required . 1: data / enter key not  required  .
note : it cannot be changed during operation . wen 02- 05 i set to 1 (data / enter
key input not required ) the frequency reference changes simultaneously with the
digital operators’ value of power inverter.


operation selection when digital operator is disconnected

sets the operation when the digital operator is disconnected  0: disable ( operataion
continues even if the digital operator is disconnected.) 1: enable opr is detected
at digital operator disconnecton . invertor output is cut off and fault contact is
operated .)

cumulative operation time setting of power inverter.

et the initial elarsed time in constant 02-07 in unit of hours . note: the elapsed
operating time will start from this value .

cumulative operation time selection.

the calculation of accumulative time.
0:accumulative time when the inverter power is on .(all time while the inverter power
is on is accumulated.)1:cumulative power inverter run time ,(only power inverter output
time is accumulated).
initialize mode selection of power inverter (please do not modify).


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