we show here how to make solenoid engine very simple way

The solenoid engine was over the iron chamber, the supporting bar of which went through it as a center.

Ampere had as of now recently demonstrated that a winding channel or solenoid engine when crossed by an electric flow has attractive extremity, and that two such solenoids follow up on each other when navigated by electric flows as though they were magnets.

Without a moment’s delay the alluring power of the solenoid on the iron chamber was consequently decreased, and the falling of the last made the negative carbon rise, beginning a bend among it and the metal in the pot.

The solenoid engine was over the iron chamber,  either by extending, because of the sinking of the charge in the cauldron, or by the consuming of the carbon, influenced the extent of current streaming in the two shunt circuits, thus modified the situation of the iron chamber in the solenoid that the length of curve was, inside cutoff points, consequently managed.

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