top ten free energy generators



hello guys I had posted a new video which is a combination of 10 free energy generators. there is a wind energy generator some of them are homemade generators by wood and copper wires and I had made them in very easy way and interesting way with a new design. I had also uploaded the full videos of every single project that you can easily find in my youtube channel  these 10 generators are my own invention you guys can learn every thing in this single video. they are very useful for home appliance to provide electric energy. they save our bills and money. i had also posted links of each and every video on my youtube video. every kind of detail is in the description of the video here is many videos of small projects to produce small amount of electricity. and there is a large projects video to produce large amount of current.

I am also providing links of full videos of every single project here:

click here project one

click here project two

click here for project three

click here for project four

click here for project five

click here for project six

click here for project seven

click here for project eight

click here for project nine

click here for project ten


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